How to prevent voice problems Stoke-on-Trent

At ReVoice, we will work with you to offer support and advice to prevent voice problems in the future. This service is useful for all professional voice users and all those who frequently use their voice in different settings. We will offer comprehensive advice and share tips and techniques to prevent voice problems.

We will show you how you can reduce the risk of you losing your voice. Our aim is to equip you with knowledge that will allow you to look after your voice forever. Ultimately, with our expert guidance, you will be able to protect yourself against vocal damage in the future.

Revoice will help you to prevent voice problems, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire and Cheshire.

Our comprehensive assessment will consider many underlying factors which can cause voice problems. These often include:

  • Acid reflux management.
  • Avoidance of throat clearing.
  • Diet.
  • Good hydration.
  • Promoting effective breathing and breath support for good voice.
  • Good posture.
  • Environmental factors.
  • An awareness of tight /tense muscles which inhibit good voice control.

This will form part of your individual assessment in order to offer appropriate advice to prevent harm and potential voice difficulties.

If you think this advice would be suitable for you, or you are looking for ways to look after and preserve your voice then contact us today for assessment and personalised help.

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