Voice therapy intervention to treat identified voice problems Stoke-on-Trent

We will work with you to offer a comprehensive assessment in order to treat identified voice problems. Identified voice problems are referred to as dysphonia which is more commonly known as voice change. Such issues may result in:

  • Strain which can cause discomfort or ache around the throat or neck.
  • Breathy or weak voice which is ineffective and affects communication either during conversation or when trying to project your voice.
  • Dull or monotone voice which detracts from the quality of verbal communication or sounds 'boring' to the listener.
  • Low or reduced tone of voice and an inability to change pitch ie are unable to reach high or low notes easily.

Such difficulties make a negative impact on the person’s ability to communicate effectively and often cause embarrassment and undermine confidence.

A personalised treatment plan will be offered after first consultation and assessment which aims to address all areas of difficulty. This will be discussed and agreed in order to meet the needs and individual aims for each person. Explanation, demonstration and patient trial of exercises will be offered along with planned follow up to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment. We will work with you and at ‘your pace’ to resolve your existing voice problems so that you can regain confidence when using your voice.

If you recognise any of the problems then contact Karen at ReVoice for more detailed help and information. Together, we will work to achieve a clear and strong voice which you can rely upon. We will help you to treat your voice problems, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire and Cheshire.

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